Larva — Ley



Don’t you (ewe) love how Ms. Jenkins, the teacher who wrote the above note, thinks? It’s the same way (weigh) I (eye) try to (too, two) help my readers remember the perils of following spellcheck too closely; it only does one (won) thing well: it checks spelling. Writers have to be (bee) aware of whether (weather) the words they’ve written are the right (write / rite) ones or not (knot / naught).

So here (hear) for (fore / four) your (yore / you’re) learning pleasure are a few more (moore) homophones to learn about and remember.

Larva (n.): a young animal or insect that will change into something else in adulthood (like a caterpillar)

Lava (n.): super hot, molten rock flowing from a volcano

Lase (v.): to use a laser beam

Lays (v.): places something somewhere (he lays the book on the table every night)

Laze (v.): to hang around, showing little energy (be lazy)

Leis (n.): floral necklaces popular in the islands like Hawaii

Laser (n.): Acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation,a tool that creates a strong light beam made of atoms and molecules in an excited energy state

Lazar (n.): A sufferer of an infectious disease, especially leprosy.

Lay (v.): to place something somewhere (he will lay the book on the table)

Lei (n.): a floral necklace

Ley (n.): an area of open land used as a temporary pasture for animals

Were any of these new to you? I hadn’t known about lazar or ley, and I didn’t realize laser was an acronym.

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