Thursday Thought: Kindness

I’m sure I’m not the only human on the planet to be fearful lately; many of our leaders are stomping around, saying stupid things, going back and forth on fundamental ideas of love and kindness, and generally keeping many of us up at night worrying about a nuclear holocaust.

Most ordinary citizens aren’t sure what they can do, and I think this is what makes Richard DiPilla and his merry band of Global Goodwill Ambassadors so special.

Not one of the ambassadors is a rock star — not yet, anyway.

Not one of them is a billionaire — at least I don’t think so.

They are the folks who care for strangers, who take in the sick cats or dogs, who start small agencies to help those less fortunate, who volunteer for all sorts of projects that come with no assurance of being funded or succeeding — but they do it anyway.

Some of the group are probably just wired to be helpful. Some may have had an unfortunate incident (or multiple ones) that showed them what it feels like to have been hurt, and then, hopefully, helped. Some may have come to this idea of volunteering their time, energy, and expertise just because it felt like the right thing to do.

Not one of them was probably known outside their immediate circle of family and friends before now.

Nominations should go to Lisa Jones, the President of GGA.

The Global Goodwill Ambassador team is an amazing, still-growing global team of wonderful people, and I salute all those who have been chosen for this honor, many of whom are working behind the scenes, putting in long hours to spread kindness everywhere they can.

Oh, by the way, World Kindness Day is November 13, 2017 — but let’s not wait! Let’s all find ways to practice either random or not-so-random acts of kindness every day!