What’s Your Choice?

What's Your Choice?

Ever since I went to work as a professional speaker / seminar leader with Fred Pryor Seminars in 1995, I have been delighted by the ability of each of us to forge our own path, to reshape our own life. Fairly quickly I focused on teaching communication skills with FPS because it seemed like a natural fit for me (especially after the debacle of teaching their budgeting seminar (see “The Three Strangers Who Created the Grammar Goddess“).

I had no idea how much I would learn from what I taught, but one thing became apparent over time: I was using way too much negative language in my everyday life. As I learned from other presenters and the materials we taught from, I reshaped my messages. In doing so, of course, I reshaped my results!

Funny how that works.

So I was delighted by the short segment on the “CBS This Morning” show today (February 24) about how much positive language we all appear to be using.

The Pollyanna principle is our tendency to use positive words more than negative terms. This theory is the basis of a massive new study where researchers went through 100 billion Tweets, millions of books, news articles and movies and found our language is largely positive. New York Times science columnist John Tierney joins “CBS This Morning” to explore this groundbreaking study.

You can see the entire short episode by clicking here.

I have seen first-hand how much using positive language helps in everything we do — from giving feedback (NOT “constructive criticism”) to giving instructions — and the more we can contribute to it, the better.

I leave you with this thought that I found somewhere on the Internet:


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